My Interview at JetBrains for OpenStack Development with Pycharm

I was recently interviewed by Dmitry Filippov, Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains related to OpenStack Development with PyCharm. Here is the link for the interview.


OpenStack Queens PTG – Day 4

Day 4 of PTG started with next Kolla discussions related to kolla-ansible. Discussion started with kolla dev-mode effort started by pbourke. discussion was about currently missing pieces in dev_mode like installing clients, libs and virtualenv bindmount. The goal in the cycle is to fill the missing pieces, verify options for multinode dev_mode, investigate on options for remote debugging and also consider using PyCharm.

One of the important topics in kolla is the gating. Currently kolla has around 14 different gates for deployment testing and it has to be improved with testing the deployment for sanity with Tempest. This will help the validate the entire deployment in the gates. Upgrades testing is also one key requirement, kolla team will model something like grenade testing for it. The key is to maximize the testing of scenarios that kolla supports in gate, but since we are restricted with openstack infra resources as well as the time each test takes to validate. It is agreed that team members will create a list of scenarios and assign to everyone to verify and record the results in a central location like a google sheet. This will also help evaluate stability of kolla deployment in each release.

Skip level upgrades is one of the major talking point in the current PTG. Kolla team will evaluate fast forward upgrades for each service deployed with kolla to decide on skip level upgrade support in kolla. This would be a PoC in current cycle.

Second half of the discussion was around the kolla-kubernetes, where the team discussed the roadmap for current cycle. That will include upgrade prototyping for z stream & x stream services, validate the logging solution with fluent-bit, automated deployment, remove deprecated components and improve documentation.

Most of the teams have wrapped up their design discussions on Thursday and will be having hackathons on the last day.

Are you using PyCharm for your OpenStack development?

Its been a long time since I have been maintaining the Jebrains Community support with  PyCharm licences for OpenStack developers and I thought it might be time to understand how PyCharm actually helps developers with ease of OpenStack development. If you are using PyCharm for your development work, please take a  to provide your valuable inputs in following
survey [1]

If you are an active contributor and need a community edition licence for using PyCharm, please refer to [2]

Thank you in advance for your inputs.