Setting up the development environment for Kata Containers – proxy

Summarizing the information for setting up the development environment for my first project in Kata-Containers. I have setted up the dev environment for proxy project.

First Things FirstInstall Golang as a prerequisite to the development. Ensure you follow the complete steps to create the required directory structure and test the installation.

Get The Source

This guide assumes you already have forked the proxy project. If not please for the repo. Once you have successfully forked the repo, clone it on your computer

git clone<your-username>/proxy.git $GOPATH/src/<your-username>/proxy

Add the upstream proxy project as remote to the local clone to fetch up the updates.

$ cd proxy
$ git remote add upstream

The proxy project requires following dependencies to be installed prior to build. Use following command to install them.

$ go get
$ go get

Do the first build. This will create the executable file kata-proxy in the proxy directory.

$ make
go build -o kata-proxy -ldflags “-X main.version=0.0.1-02a5863f1165b1ee474b41151189c2e1b66f1c40”

To run unit tests run

$ make test
go test -v -race -coverprofile=coverage.txt -covermode=atomic
=== RUN TestUnixAddrParsing
— PASS: TestUnixAddrParsing (0.00s)
=== RUN TestProxy
— PASS: TestProxy (0.05s)
coverage: 44.6% of statements
ok 1.064s

To remove all generated output files run

$ make clean
rm -f kata-proxy

This is for this time. I am working on setting up the development environment with GolangD IDE. Keep you posted.